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Manage song-related information on a computer
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Create and update a working database for songs and other compositions. Write titles, subtitles, names and notes, insert an unlimited number of slides, use transitions, organize folders, import songs, and apply themes. Adjust the key, time signature, tempo, key line, and other song parameters.

OpenSong is a free program that allows you to organize, manage, and present the songs, hymns and Bible portions to be shown to the people attending to your church services.
The program has several Christian hymns preloaded, so you can simply select them and project the lyrics on the church screens so people can sing along. The program shows the chords of the songs so the musician(s) that will play at the service can follow them on their own devices and strum the chords at the right time.

Also, you can add your own songs using the Song editor, Just type or copy/paste the lyrics and add the corresponding chords. It is a very easy process.

An interesting feature is that you can transpose any song automatically. You only need to choose how many steps up or down you need to transpose, and the program will show the corresponding chords in the new tone.

You can manage your entire service by creating a set that can include both songs and Bible portions. The program also has the entire Bible, so you only need to choose the book, chapter, and verse, the program will add it to your set. It is possible to make any combination of Bible portions and songs to suit your needs.

Of course, you will need the necessary hardware, such as video screens and a broadcasting device or projector to allow the churchgoers to watch and follow the presentation.

In sum, it is a very useful program to manage church services. Its only disadvantage is that it is limited to Christian services. Nevertheless, If you are a Christian pastor or cleric and your church has the required equipment, then it may be very useful for you.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Very useful for organizing the songs
  • Add scriptures
  • Project them for the churchgoers


  • Its use is limited to Christian religious services
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